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Heart of the Country Movie

Jana Kramer in Hear of the Contry movie

Author's biography

Jana Kramer or Faith in the film was born in the United States and grew up in Rochester. She inherited her father’s name which is Martin Kramer and her mother named Nora. Her older brother Steve is a police officer. She was married to Michael Gambino for several months  in 2004. She dated  Johnanthon Schaech, an actor she met during the filming of The Ball of  Horror. They were married on July 4, 2010 in Glen Arbor, Michigan. A month after the wedding, they announced his separation. She began her relationship with the Brantley Gilbert in  September 2012. On January 20, 2013, the couple claimed their engagement. And  announce  their separation    the month of August  2013 itself.

In 2002: She began her career as an actress in the film Dead/Undead.

In 2003: She appeared for the first time in television in the series The Force of Destiny, then CSI, Grey’s Anatomy.

In 2007: She played the role of Noelle Davenport in the Friday Night Lights.

In 2009: After signing the contract for the character in The CW series, The Scott Brothers,  she played the role of Alex Dupre. Then she left the series in season 9.

In 2011: In February, Jana signed the contract with Elektra Records. She also performs I  won’t  give up in Holding up for a hero the same February. The second single is released the  next day on itunes and amazon. She starts to work on her album with Scott Hendricks the producer. In April, she launches her new song Whiskey that she sings in the series The Scott Brothers.

In 2012: Her very first album Jana Kramer was released. Why Ya Wanna, the first single that  was released in January, became a gold record and reached number 3 on the Billboard Country Songs chart. That same year she filmed the movie Heart of the Country.

In 2013: August, the movie Heart of the Country was released. She is nominated 48th Academy of country Music Awards that same year.

In 2016: She participated in the 23rd season of Dancing With The Stars.

In 2018: This podcast Whine down with Jana Kramer was     launched this year.

Heart of the Country


The heart of the country, original title. A film dedicated to those who are fans of drama and romance. This movie lasts 1h 48 minutes with a DVDRIP quality. A film of a French version.

In Kanayama, the directors shared the life of the villagers of this town for about 7 years. And during this time they discovered the educational work of the communities  and  the responsible  of the school. The education of the heart is according to them more important than the one  of t reason. Hence the birth of the film Hearth of the country. It is a film that tells the story of a young  girl who has abandoned her family for the big city. And she returns to the heart of her country. During her  return she finds her values. So the missing part in her life that is love. Jana Kramer  plays the role of Faith who is the young girl we are talking about. She is married to a man who was convicted of  fraud. Depressed, she decided to return to her father’s home in North Carolina. Sooner or later, those who leave eventually return to their native countries where they remain.

Excerpt from the movie

The betrayal

Two different couples, Faith and Luke Carraday. Faith who is a beautiful singer and Luke who is a businessman. He has the chance to inherit his father's business to invest in a prosperous fund with his brothers. Meanwhile, Luke has betrayed his love Faith. Luke has caused a rift between their relationship. Will his marriage be saved under the betrayal?

The broken love

Faith's love was broken by Luke. According to what he did, Calvin spoke with Luke and during speeches he threatened this young man in front of the acts that Luke did to Faith. Calvin forbids him to approach the innocent girl. And to inform him that she decided to continue her course at the professional level that is the music that she loves so much. Despite this, Luke loved her.

The brave girl

Faith is a very brave girl in this movie. She has gone through many trials in the story. After being depressed by the fact of betrayal by her husband Luke, she decided to return to her father. To turn the page of her life and live again.

She back home

Her return to the village is a little unexpected by her families. She left the city a long time ago, and so she came back. She misses her village, especially her father whom she loves so much. She can't stop thinking about her love. Luc on his side is looking for him and wants to go back to her.

Her love

Faith's lover Luke may have betrayed her. The village girl can't do anything against her love. She just has to live her life from day to day. She tried to save her love in spite of all the evil he suffered. Love can make one blind. But she followed her path to music and returned to her native village where she found love.

According to you

Will their love be saved? Will she forgive Luke or not ? According to you, does Luke deserve to forgive and to have a second chance? A movie that has a lot of suspense and also a message to spread to everyone who watches it. The answer is in the movie. So, put it among your best hits and share it with your loved ones.

The actors

Jana Rae Kramer
Jana Rae Kramer

Birth date : December 2, 1983 in the USA
Nationality : American
Profession : actress and singer
Career : Known by the series The
scott brothers
Role : In Heart of the country, she plays the role of Faith
Website: https://www.janakramer.com

Randy Wayne
Randy Wayne

Birth date : August 7th 1981
Nationality : American
Qualities : Leader, Visionary
Education : University of campbellsvile
Role : He plays the role of Luke in the
Website : https://randywayne.wixsite.com/randywayne/home

Gerald Mc Raney
Gerald Mc Raney

Birth date: August 19, 1947
Nationality: American
Alma mater : University of Mississippi
Last movies : Duncanville
Strat on TV : -Major Dad, Promised land,
House of cards
Role: He hides under the character of

Anne Hawthorne
Anne Hawthorne

Profession: actress and producer
Graduated cum laude : East Carolina University in 1994
Other movie played : Olivia in heart of
the country, Sarah in A miracle
on christmas, Serafina in Mutant Worldlake, Mrs Lancaster in Dark hearts
Role: She plays the character of Olivia

Technical staff

John Ward
John Ward

He is known as John Ward of Hull. Born
on December 28, 1798 in Kingston. He died in 1849. Outside the film, he is a British painter.
He is named "the chief painter of the navy as
well as portraitist of the ship in Hull. He is part of the producer of the film Heart of
the country.

Sydney Penny
Sydney Penny

Her full name is Sydney Margaret Penny.
She was born on August 7, 1971 in Nashville.
an American actress and producer.
Lists of Films that she plays : Hooker,
Fame, Santa Barbara, Bernadette.
She has already 11 movies and 9 series.
Of which 56% are drama, 11% romances,
11% actions and 22% westerns.

Wayne Carson
Wayne Carson

Wayne Carson Head, his stage name is Wayne Carson. He was born on 31 May 1943
in Denner. And died on July 20, 2015
in Nashville. He is a songwriter, American.
He enjoys playing piano, guitar, percussion and bass. Neon Rainbow",
"The Letter" was his most famous song as well as "Always on My Mind" which he wrote with Mark James and Johnny Christopher and sung by Elvis Presley.

Meg Mac Rae
Meg Mac Rae

Known as Meg MacRae. She is an actress.
She is part of the member of the producer of
the film Heart of the country.
She has appeared in the following films :
- Enchanted in 1998
- Heart of the country in 2013
- CS in 2004